Join us in sharing God’s Kingdom in it’s fullness across the globe

Shakaba is a unique expression of God’s Kingdom on earth. Our vision is to create a Global Movement for Spiritual Renewal in the Church and into the World by following in Christ’s footsteps, sharing the Father’s Kingdom in it’s fullness across the globe. We do this through being Christ centered, Spirit led, Bible based, Kingdom minded and Globally capable. Partner with us to build the Global Kingdom Living Space with the New Generation, for God’s glory.

The Global Family is a relational network of close friends building a global community, across generations, who love, respect and enjoy each other’s unique personalities, ministries and expressions. We share a similar spiritual DNA and a common vision out of a culture based on love, dignity, freedom and joy in Christ. We are multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-faceted, celebrating unity and uniqueness, together sharing God’s Kingdom.

“new leaders for our new century”

Our great mission is to identify, equip, resource and connect a new kind of leader: Christ centered, Bible based, Kingdom minded, Spirit led and Globally capable.


Our essential culture is love, respect and optimism. In a word, friendship. We love to see others growing, being fruitful and unique, and we celebrate their success and influence.


Diverse personalities, cultures and experiences provide ample opportunities to learn from each other, share ideas and grow together, creating something new.


Working together, we effectively and powerfully expand God’s Kingdom on earth, becoming so much more as a globally connected community than we can ever be alone.